MV2 Entertainment is a music publishing, artist development and management company based out of Nashville, TN. MV2 stands for Mission, Vision, Values.
Our Mission
To inspire creativity, build and sustain the loyalty of our listening
audience and establish an enduring music legacy.
Our Vision
To advance the art of music through inspiration, integrity and
Our Values
Integrity: "Keeping our Promises"
- building trust
- demonstrating character
- doing the right thing
- being honest
Excellence: "Achieving extraordinary results"
- striving to be the best
- working with passion
- nurturing relationships and partnerships
Drive: "Focused pursuit of achievement"
- demonstrating adaptability
- a commitment to results
- balancing patience and persistence
Creativity: "Building a culture of energy and ideas"
- finding unique solutions
- promoting bold concepts
- engaging new talent
- generating value for our music community